Individual workshops

Peter offers private bird photography workshops at the full day rate of $295.00. Lunch included. Client provides own transportation. Half day rate $185. Workshops depart and return Lancaster MA and include professional instruction and visits to Peter’s favorite birding hotspots. Interested in owls, osprey, woodpeckers, a heron rookery? Customize your own workshop with Peter or choose from the offerings below. For more info call 978.549.4812 or email
Quabbin Reservoir Wildlife Workshop
Peter offers loon photography workshops on the beautiful Quabbin Reservoir at the full day rate of $295.00. Workshops depart and return Lancaster MA and include professional instruction as we look for loons and eagles. We always keep a respectable distance from wildlife. Over the years many clients have enjoyed this exciting Quabbin wildlife adventure with Peter, including Mass Audubon staff, members of several birding clubs, and dozens of photo enthusiasts. *An urgent note about loon conservation: State wildlife biologists have determined the leading cause of mortality of loons in New England: poisoning by ingesting lead fishing gear. Just one loon death caused by boat fishing at the Quabbin is one too many! Boat fishing is already illegal at the Wachusett Reservoir, but sadly is still permitted by DCR at the Quabbin Reservoir, even in 2018! What can be done? You are actually doing your part when you sign up for a loon workshop with Peter. Every year Peter Christoph Photography donates a portion of the proceeds from each loon workshop to Responsible Citizens Against Boat Fishing at Quabbin Reservoir. Peter is a major supporter of this group’s efforts to educate the public and raise awareness of the need to help protect the loons at the Quabbin Reservoir. The group hopes to see Boat Fishing eliminated at the Quabbin Reservoir in our lifetime, to ensure the loon’s survival so future generations can continue to have the opportunity to listen to the haunting call of the common loon right here in Massachusetts, and marvel at the sight of the parents raising their babies each summer. Many customers have actually reported capturing award-winning photos of the baby loons riding along on mom’s back taken during Peter’s wildlife workshops on the Quabbin. For many this sight is the thrill of a lifetime!
To schedule a day, or more info call 978.549.4812 or email
osprey IMG_5728Ospreys at Damariscotta with Peter Christoph
May 21 2017 – Cost $325 per person – Departs Lancaster, MA
This is a unique one-day photo excursion to take pictures of osprey in Maine catching fish during the spectacular spring alewife run in the Damariscotta area. I take you not just to the familiar bridge at Damariscotta Mills but to places I prefer that are more off the beaten path that offer more productive photographic opportunities. Departs 6:00 a.m. Includes transportation and lunch. I will offer tips that work for photographing osprey in flight and more importantly, osprey catching fish, including best time of day for best light. Good possibility of capturing both adult and juvenile bald eagle as well. For more info call 978.549.4812 or email
eagle horiz conowingo 2048Group workshop Tour

“Bald Eagles on the Susquehanna” with Peter Christoph
December 12-15, 2018 – Cost $650 per person double occupancy – Deposit $200 – Limited to 4 participants – Departs Lancaster, MA
I can’t think of a more beautiful place to photograph the majestic bald eagle than the Susquehanna River in Maryland. The bald eagle was saved from extinction at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds not too far from here and now a huge population of eagles lives in and frequents the area.
During this special tour we spend 3 full days photographing bald eagles diving, fishing, banking, chasing, and fighting all day long. I will do my best to help you learn the proper techniques for bald eagle photography. Plan to bring warm clothes as the weather can be cold and windy! For more info call 978.549.4812 or email
“Such a FUN day!! … beautiful & teeming with wildlife to photograph while Peter Christoph provides excellent photography instruction” –Terri Mahon Klingler, MASS AUBUBON.
“Thanks again for another great day with Paul (and me!) Mary Miller

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