No wildlife photographer has given more presentations to more libraries across New England than Peter Christoph.
He has delivered his presentations to audiences both large and small over 275 times. He presents both live and via ZOOM.
Peter currently offers 10 wildlife presentations to attract just about any crowd, in addition to his hugely popular narrated sideshow covering his climb of Kilimanjaro.

  • Discover the Birds of Costa Rica
  • Birds – The Epic Adventures of a New England Bird Photographer
  • Birds of the New England Swamp
  • On Silent Wings: the Magic of the Snowy Owl
  • Birds of the Quabbin
  • The Art of Bird Photography
  • Whatever Happened to the Birds of J.J. Audubon
  • Owls of New England
  • Birds of the Florida Everglades
  • Bosque del Apache – Ancient Flyway of the Rio Grande
  • Kilimanjaro: Journey to the Roof of Africa

Peter’s programs are educational, inspirational, and entertaining as he shares his pictures, his photographic techniques, and favorite locations where he shoots. Click here for presentation schedule.

Discover the Birds of Costa Rica with Peter Christoph. Have you ever wondered why over 600 birds call Costa Rica their home year round? Due to its diverse topography, this tropical nation contains several life zones supporting a wide variety of birds, from tiny iridescent hummingbirds to colorful toucans. Discover Costa Rica’s national treasures with a top wildlife photographer as he travels by boat through mangrove swamps and wetlands, and hikes into lush rainforests on the side of a volcano in search of wildlife. By sharing these remarkable photographs, Peter hopes you will develop a deeper appreciation for the birds, animals, and plants that inhabit this fragile tropical paradise where the rainforest meets the sea.

BIRDS, The Epic Adventures of a New England Bird Photographer. Peter Christoph presents a narrated slideshow of his favorite bird photographs all taken right here in New England where he lives. His program is both entertaining and informative as he shares stories of his photographic adventures and the techniques he uses to capture his images as well as his favorite places to take photos of birds in their natural habitat. Peter will have available the companion book Birds, which he published to accompany his presentation, with a book signing immediately after his talk. -“fantastic, a delightful evening of wonderful photography of New England birds.” -June Reams, program attendee.
BIRDS OF THE NEW ENGLAND SWAMPWildlife photographer Peter Christoph presents a narrated slideshow, sharing both his award-winning images and his photographic secrets as he brings you inside a typical New England swamp. Peter provides an intimate look into the many varieties of birds that inhabit our swamps, including ospreys and herons, shorebirds, woodpeckers, and other cavity dwellers. Sloshing and crawling through the swamp so you don’t have to, Peter captures the bird’s many activities including building the nest, feeding their young, and catching their prey. You’ll almost want to bring your own wading boots and bug spray for protection as you sit down to watch this captivating presentation.
ON SILENT WINGS – The Magic of the Snowy Owl. During the winter of 2013-2014 award-winning Massachusetts wildlife photographer Peter Christoph spent 14 full days along the Atlantic coast following the movements of a few snowy owls in a rare irruption to the Atlantic coastline at Biddeford Pool ME, Hampton NH, Salisbury MA, and Sachuest Point, RI. They flew quite a distance from their home on the frozen tundra in the high Arctic and Peter was there to capture these rare and intimate photographs of the snowy owls taken in their winter habitat. Several of his snowy owl photos have earned national and international awards.
==================================================================BIRDS QUABBIN slideshow
BIRDS OF THE QUABBIN. Treat yourself to an unforgettable slideshow as Peter Christoph shares his experiences looking for wildlife, by land and by boat, at the beautiful and pristine Quabbin Reservoir. A rich diversity of birds call the Quabbin their home, the main attraction being the common loon and bald eagle families that nest here. Several winters ago Peter built a rustic cabin along a river in an area known as the North Quabbin Woods. It was from this base camp that Peter discovered the Magic of the Quabbin and became intimately familiar with its intricate network of channels, coves and islands. You’ll also learn about the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir including a glimpse into the lost towns which gave way to this unlikely wilderness area.
001-5bird-book-h-tri-colored-art-of-6-x-9-facebook-copyTHE ART OF BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY.
Peter Christoph shares with you his epic birding adventures in a presentation that is both entertaining and informative. Filled with lively anecdotes he explains the techniques he uses to capture his intimate portraits of birds in their natural habitat. This presentation covers essential gear for photographing birds and discusses important settings and features of your camera which are useful for wildlife photography. Peter will take you beyond simply enhancing your bird photography skills and share with you his own approach to the art of bird photography in terms of lighting, composition, action, environment and background, in order to make outstanding images that tell a story and are sure to connect the viewer to the subject.
Naturalist, photographer, and wildlife advocate Peter Christoph will compare and contrast his own bird photographs with the works of ornithologist, hunter, and painter, John J. Audubon.  If Audubon’s birds no longer exist, Peter will offer observations of what may have happened to them.  JJ Audubon lived a fascinating life and Peter will share stories of Audubon’s adventures. He will discuss his methods of using a camera to document birds and their behavior, instead of bagging  them with a rifle.
Discover the Owls of New England. In this captivating presentation, Peter delivers stunning photographs of his favorite owls combined with stories that entertain, educate and inspire the audience. You’ll learn the secrets Peter uses to find and photograph these same owls in the wild in their natural habitat! Eight species of expected owls in New England include: Great Horned, Barred, and Eastern Screech – all year-round residents and fairly easy to spot. Long-eared, Short-eared, and Snowy are winter migrants and breed far north of us. Northern Saw-whet Owls do breed in New England but are quite small and rarely seen. Barn Owls have bred in New England but are the toughest of all to find. He’ll wrap up this exceptional wildlife program with beautiful images of a vagrant migrant- a rare visitor called the Great Gray Owl.

Birds of the Florida Everglades. Peter Christoph was taken with the Florida Everglades when he hiked through his first mangrove swamp in 1987. He will not only guide you through the popular hotspots both in and around the Florida Everglades, but also let you in on many lesser-known birding locations he has discovered in his travels. He craftily narrates his slideshow dropping photography tips and stories to entertain his audience as he shares his beautiful and awe-inspiring photography. Southern Florida is an ideal place to look for the roseate spoonbill, wood stork, glossy ibis, the beautiful purple gallinule and painted bunting, sandhill crane, the rare crested caracara, the threatened Florida scrub jay and burrowing owl, and the endangered snail kite and whooping crane. Peter Christoph has found all these and more, and you’ll be delighted to see them too.

bosque ad DSC04397
Bosque del Apache – Ancient Flyway of the Rio Grande. 
Peter Christoph has been photographing our country’s most beautiful natural treasures, from Alaska to Florida, over the past two decades. At the northern edge of New Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert lies one such treasure, the world-renowned Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Situated along the Rio Grande, the scenery is spectacular and so too is the wildlife, including a virtual festival of the Sandhill Cranes, unmatched anywhere in the world. His portrayal of wildlife found in the Bosque provides viewers an intimate glimpse into their daily life and their connection to the land. Peter rounds out this exciting library presentation with outstanding images captured in three national parks near the Bosque that beckon the viewer to visit these stunning desert landscapes.
kilimanjaro slideshowKILIMANJARO – Journey to the Roof of Africa. Join Peter as he takes you on a photographic journey through 5 climate zones from tropical rain forest to arctic conditions in his quest for the summit of 19,340 foot high Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Peter provides commentary throughout the entire slideshow, and includes behind the scenes photos of how he trained for his adventure!


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