It is no secret why Peter Christoph is invited back to speak over and over again.

“You just can’t go wrong with any program put together by Peter Christoph. His programs, consisting of gorgeous photos of birds in the wild, are perennial favorites here in Lunenburg, and we have had people come from some distance to attend. Each program has been mesmerizing and informative, not only about wildlife but also about photographic technique.”
–  Deborah Shields, Lunenburg Public Library.
“Our program room overflowed and there was standing room and doorway viewing only. But I really didn’t mind standing throughout his hour long program – it was well worth it!”
–  Karen Silverthorn, Assistant Director, Thayer Memorial Library.
“Hi Peter, I just want to formally thank you for the wonderful program you presented to us last night.  It seemed to be well received by everyone, and I have received a few emails this morning to that affect.  One of the things John and I are trying to do is to revive the club and get new members – and there were more than usual in attendance last night, so your program was a good start.”
– Grace Fleming, Allen Bird Club
“Hi Peter! I just wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation last Wednesday. Your images are terrific. Your delivery was perfect and the background info on bird behavior was a real plus. I have received a number of comments from the attendees praising you and your work. Great job.”
-John Markus, Cape Cod Viewfinders camera club
“Enjoyed your presentation last night. You have some amazing photos. And I personally got some great tips from you. Again thank you and happy shooting”
– John McLaughlin, program attendee
“I just wanted to thank you for your presentation last night. The program was excellent! I left for a 3-week road trip shooting birds right after, and used a lot of your advice. So thanks again.”
– Patricia Benham, Greater Bridgeport Camera Club
Why does Peter Christoph have so many repeat customers on his photo workshops?
I wanted to thank you again for such a successful and fun day looking for the owls. I never would have found them on my own.” – Barbara Hayton – Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
“Thanks again for the day you gave us yesterday. It was great to be with you and to see the owls, beach, snow, etc. It is a day we will long remember. -Paul Miller, Vermont.
“Such a FUN day! The Quabbin is beautiful and teeming with wildlife to photograph while Peter Christoph provides excellent photography instruction, all while driving you around in the boat!” –
Terri Klingler, Mass Audubon.
“Treated myself to a one-day vacation. Great pilot and fearless leader Peter and wonderful fellow adventurers. Had a blast!” –Tina McManus, (MA)
“A million thanks for giving my husband such a wonderful day. It was a special day for a special man. We value your kindness.” -Mary Miller, Vermont
“I had the opportunity to attend a photo workshop this weekend with Peter Christoph and saw some splendid raptor action across the state. I give the workshop my highest endorsement!”
– Brian Rusnica, Massachusetts
“Find a guide who knows the lakes and ponds. I found an excellent one: Peter Christoph. If you’re looking to photograph loons and more, look him up. Its a day and money well spent.”
– Bill Willis, Massachusetts
“We had many subjects to photograph. Well worth the money”
– Wayne Horridge, Massachusetts
“His knowledge and skills enabled me to get bird photos that would have taken me months, if not years, to capture on my own. I highly recommend going on one of Peter’s bird quests, to learn , shoot, and enjoy the hidden habitat of some of nature’s most beautiful birds.”
– Jeff Hall, Massachusetts
“It was a great time. Peter, thank you so much and we’ll have to do it again sometime. You went above and beyond to bring us to your beautiful birds. A special day indeed.”
– Carol Menard, New Hampshire

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